Bulloch Hall – Roswell

Bulloch Hall - Roswell

Bulloch Hall is the childhood home of Teddy Roosevelt’s mother Mittie Bulloch—as well as a few restless spirits. Located in Roswell, Georgia, near one of the country’s oldest cotton mills and confederate cemeteries, the estate was a full-service plantation in the antebellum South. According to records, 31 slaves worked the land at Bulloch Hall, with some working inside the house on domestic chores.

Visitors report strange lights flickering inside even after the house has been closed to visitors. Others claim to have captured on film figures dressed in Civil War-era clothing, peering out from the upstairs windows. Historians theorize that the ghost responsible for the flickering lights could be that of a young slave girl who was charged with putting out the candles each evening. Visitors have also encountered strange sounds and orbs coming from the well in the backyard, where another slave girl reportedly drowned.