Haunted Georgia

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Bonaventure Cemetery - Savannah

Bonaventure Cemetery – Savannah

“America’s Most Haunted City,” Savannah, Georgia, is home to more than its share of ghostly inhabitants. Among the noted hotspots ...
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Bulloch Hall - Roswell

Bulloch Hall – Roswell

Bulloch Hall is the childhood home of Teddy Roosevelt’s mother Mittie Bulloch—as well as a few restless spirits. Located in ...
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Devil's Kitchen

Devil’s Kitchen

The area known as Devil’s Kitchen in Tallapoosa, Georgia, was thought to be named for “The Devil’s Water,” or moonshine ...
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The Old Tallapoosa Jail

The Old Tallapoosa Jail

The Old Tallapoosa jail is located underneath the chief of police’s office today. The area that is the old jail ...
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