The Old Tallapoosa Jail

The Old Tallapoosa jail is located underneath the chief of police’s office today. The area that is the old jail is no more than a storage room, since the current department was constructed. We are unclear on an exact construction date for the original jail cell, but it’s possible it was as early as 1880. Since its construction, three inmates have died inside the jail, and two police officers have been shot at its gate. This area is thought to be haunted by as many as four ghosts, two are possibly the slain officers, and the other two were killed by an officer before he died from a fatal gunshot wound.

The first officer who was slain at the jail was Mr. William H. Maeger. Officer Maeger never carried a gun; he always trusted his skills as a conversationalist to solve his issues. The murderer thought otherwise. He was killed by a man they called “Boss” Cason. Mr. Cason shot him in the chest near his heart. Maeger died on Sunday, February 13, 1910. Before his death, Maeger said to fellow officers, “Boss Cason shot me, I’m done for.”

The second officer who was killed at this location was Officer Henry C. Pope. According to information gathered, it seems that Officer Pope had arrested the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ledlow.

Mr. and Mrs. Ledlow requested that Officer Pope allow them to post bond for their nephew. He agreed to do so. While filling out the bond papers, apparently a verbal argument took place between the officer and the relatives of the prisoner. The story then says that Mrs. Ledlow pulled a gun and shot Officer Pope from point-blank range. Fatally wounded, the officer was able to draw his weapon and he shot Mrs. Ledlow in the mouth, killing her instantly. When Mr. Ledlow then attempted to pry the gun from his wife’s dead fingers, the officer shot him between the eyes. Officer Pope died shortly afterward.

Witnesses have reported hearing strange noises from the jail cell, and unexplained things occur in the Chief’s office. It seems that the officers are still taking care of unfinished duties, and the others are condemned to jail for eternity.

Written by — Scott McClure Lead Investigator, West Central Georgia Investigators of Paranormal Activity




Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger

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