What is a Demonologist? -Someone that study’s and catalogs Demons.

The Study of Demons:

A Demonologist studies every kind of recorded Demon through history. The Demonologist must go threw endless texts and sometimes travel great distances to find literature(mostly religious material) of human intervention with Demons.

Cataloging Demons :

When you encounter a Demon you must know as much about it for the next time you either encounter it or come across it in your texts.
Cataloging includes origin, gender, ethnic background, what religion it exists in, what geographical area in the world it mostly exists, sketches. Cataloging is the most important job of a Demonologist because it differentiates all the Demons.

Conjuring :

A Demonologist knows how to bring a Demon out, he know’s how to speak to the Demon.

To become an approved Demonologist you must be some kind of clergy.

List of Demonologists :