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Under the General Stuff page, you would have read about smell in the forest and why we should not make any comments about them. Here, I have a story about a man who did otherwise.

Wen Jian loves jungle trekking. He goes jungle trekking every weekend and he usually goes with some friends.

One Sunday afternoon, he went on his usual jungle trekking trip with three other friends. As they were on their way back, they smelled something very fragrant. To these regular hikers, such smell isn't anything unusual but no one ever says a word about it.

Wen Jian was the sceptical kind of guy, especially when it comes to ghosts and the supernatural. He made silly comments about the odour and said how smelly it was. His friends tried to stop him but the more they tried, the more he would say.

Later, he sensed trouble when he realised the same smell is also found in his car as he was driving back. Then, the smell followed him all evening, wherever he went. Even as he was going to bed, the smell was still following him. He was rather scared then and he just couldn't sleep.

As it got deeper into the night, Wen Jian, still trying to get over the smell and go to sleep, heard something beside him. He turned around and saw an old lady sleeping next to him. She was very old and had long hair. Wen Jian knew the smell came from her. He turned back, shut his eyes and starting begging her to let him go. She never appeared again, but the smell followed Wen Jian wherever he went for two whole weeks.

10 June 1998

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