Dreams and Astral Travel – Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Dreams and Astral Travel - Rosemary Ellen GuileyFew topics hold the fascination and mystery of dreams. By their very nature, dreams seem magical as they transport us into experiences that are both familiar and strange and open doors to things that are out of reach in waking life. As people have wondered how and why dreams happen, they have developed ways to tap into the power of dreams, mapping the dreamscape, or landscape of dreams, and studying the astral plane, a level of existence where many believe it is possible to travel outside one’s body and experience things impossible in the physical world.

Dreams and Astral Travel explores the mysteries surrounding dreams and looks at experiences that suggest that dreams are far more than the result of mere imagination and subconscious thoughts of individuals. Included in this fascinating volume are practical tips on how young readers can better understand their own dreams and put dreams to work for them.

Chapters include:

  • The Fall and Rebirth of Dreams
  • Science Ventures into Dreamland
  • Night Flying
  • The Astral World
  • The Psychic Side of Dreams
  • Dreams That Heal.

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