Dryads are female woodland spirits. Attendants of Artemis, they are the guardians of trees, groves, and forests. The dryads live in trees but should not be confused with hamadryads who are stationary spirits of individual trees and who die when a tree is felled. Dryads, on the other hand, move around quite easily. To see them was considered unlucky, but this may be because as vigilant guardian spirits they most frequently made themselves visible when displeased and intent on inflicting disciplinary action.

• If trees must be cut, Dryads should be given due notice and propitiatory offerings.

• If trees have already been cut, erect an altar by the tree with lavish offerings and hope for the best.




Milk, water, wine, oil, and honey

Paracelsus used the name Dryad to classify a group of Elemental Spirits.

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