In the beginning, according to the creation story of the Pelasgians, early inhabitants of Greece, Eurynome, the All-Goddess and primal mother, rose from Chaos. Dividing the sky from the waters, she began to dance on the waves. Out of the wind, Eurynome created a huge serpent and named him Ophion. They danced together, then Ophion coiled about her and she conceived. Eurynome transformed into a dove and brooded over the waters. She laid the universal egg and bade Ophion coil around it until it was time to hatch. Out of that egg emerged all of Creation, Earth’s planets, and all living creatures, all children of a goddess and a primordial snake.

Eurynome was assimilated into the Greek pantheon as a Titan. She may be the mother of the Erinyes and Charites.




Eurynome may manifest as a winged woman or as a mermaid.

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