Ezili Ge Rouge

Ezili Ge Rouge – Red Eyed Ezili

Ezili Ge Rouge is the shadow side of Ezili Dantor. They may or may not be the same spirit. Allegedly the most volatile and dangerous Ezili, she is the reckless, fearless spirit who fought during Haiti’s war for independence. She is inarticulate. She can’t verbalize her rage. The men whom she fought beside didn’t trust her to keep their secrets, and so they cut out her tongue. Alternatively, technically she has the capacity for speech, but she’s so livid with rage, words no longer flow from her mouth. She’s past the point of speaking. Ezili Ge Rouge is invoked in the most desperate situations. She is too angry to be afraid of anything.

Also known as:

Ezili Je Wouge




Rum laced with gunpowder

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