Ghost Story 3

When I was in my early 20's, I moved to a quiet, rural area with my youngest daughter wanting to get away from the stress of the big city and my ex-husband.

I had not lived there long, when one night at Bingo (yes I was so bored of the quiet life I actually went to bingo for excitement) I heard an older woman exclaiming to her friend that the “activity” in her house had gotten worse. She kept having feelings of dread, anger, and sadness come over her at odd times.

Objects would move or completely disappear and be found in weird places.She felt, at times, she was being hostilely watched. Very carefully, not knowing the woman I offered my services to find out what was exactly going on in her household. She was skeptical and said she would think about it. The next week, at bingo once again, the woman approached me and asked if I would come to her home immediately, that things had gotten even more unbearable for her.

I followed her home and entered her house. I immediately noticed two things. One, Mrs. B****** lived alone now but not for too long and two, she was living in the front room in this rather large house. I said nothing and started going room to room “feeling” out my surroundings. I found three very cold, very still places.

Mrs. B******'s bedroom, a guestroom in the front of the house and an overly lit corner in the back mud room. I asked her about these places and she relaxed. She commented that even though friends had felt badly in these area's, she was thankful for an outside opinion. I kept “feeling” about these areas, and under a strong impression, turned out all the lights in the mud room. Instantly a heavyset man in jeans and a t-shirt appeared in full form.

I was startled to say the least and flipped the lights back on, he instantly vanished. I did this procedure two more times and walked back to the living room without trying to talk to him. He was sending off hostile, angry feelings and thought it best to approach him in a neutral area. After dimming the lights and having Mrs. B****** relax I “talked” to the ghost.

Upon description of the entity to Mrs. B****** she sobbingly said it was her son, who had died not too long before. It seems her son had died in a car wreck not 5 months before. They had been living together.

The front guestroom was once his room, Her bedroom was a favourite place to sit and talk before they both went off to bed and the mud room had originally been where he did most of his hobby work.

Mrs. B****** had just in the last month finally turned the mud room and the guestroom into their present forms. After talking to the spirit some more, he was made to understand that the changes in what he considered his rooms where normal and that he needed to move on and let Mrs. B****** get on with her life.

After cleansing and blessing the entire house, all activity ceased. For this ladies home, all returned to normal and Mrs. B***** moved back into her bedroom. Her son never reappeared in the house and her life got back on track.

* Note from Occult World: Heavy Spell Check Work on this one….