Ghosts of Angela Webb

Ghosts of Angela Webb, The Independent film portraying a bizarre, true, and tragic Haunting of a privately owned house in New Jersey that captures its dead owners as Ghosts. The Ghosts of Angela Webb was directed and produced by KARL PETRY and was released in 2004. It is based on Petry’s own personal experiences as a psychic investigator of the haunted house.

The story focuses on one of the house’s owners, given the pseudonym “Angela Webb.” Webb worked in Manhattan in financial services; her office was located in one of the towers of the World Trade Center. In 2000, Webb sought out a popular psychic in New York City for a reading; she was thinking of changing jobs and wanted to know if this was a good idea. The psychic told Webb she saw her “moving on.” The psychic inquired about her family, as she saw a lot of people in Webb’s home. Webb replied that she lived alone in a house in rural New Jersey— but that it was inhabited by “wall to wall ghosts.” Webb had purchased the home in the late 1990s without knowing about its haunted history. She described daily interactions with the ghosts.

Intrigued, the psychic contacted Petry and suggested that the two of them pay a visit to Webb at her home. On their first visit, Petry saw several ghosts and sensed the presences of many more; Webb’s description of “wall to wall ghosts” was indeed accurate.

The house was built partially of fieldstone and wood in the late 18th century in what was originally farmland. The grounds still include a barn and spacious garden; a swimming pool is a modern addition. It has an odd paranormal history—if an owner dies they become trapped in the house as a ghost. The ghosts exhibit intelligence and the ability to interact with the living; they seem to assert themselves as the “true” owners of the house. Among the most active ghosts are:

• A male farmer who committed SUICIDE by hanging himself in the barn in the late 18th century. This death is documented by records. His burial place is unknown, but is most likely on the property, which would have been in keeping with the custom of the time to not bury suicides in a churchyard. This ghost appears as a full-form APPARITION on the grounds and in the house.

• A teenage boy who was accidentally run down by an automobile while standing along the road outside of the house. The accident occurred in the 1950s; the boy’s parents owned the house. Simon, the boy’s name, appears as a full-form apparition, and he creates some of the Poltergeist disturbances in the house.

• A woman who was rumored to have a large sexual appetite for both men and women. The “wild wife” mysteriously disappeared in the 1930s; her body was never found. Rumors circulated that her husband, tired of her sexual escapades, murdered her and buried her on the grounds. After her disappearance, he sold the house and moved to the West Coast.

• A ghost of unknown gender or identity, human, who casts a negative, even evil, atmosphere in the house and creates the more violent poltergeist effects. This ghost remains invisible but can make its presence felt.

Poltergeist and Haunting activity include the appearances of apparitions, movements and displacements of objects, cold breezes, turning on and off of light and electronic equipment, footsteps, odd sounds, and sexual molestation. Webb acknowledged to Petry that she had had sex with the ghosts “many, many times.” Webb’s friends and members of her family were uncomfortable in the house; some refused to return after being frightened by haunting phenomena.

Petry witnessed dramatic poltergeist activity. While talking to Webb in her kitchen, listening to her describe things done by the ghosts, books on nearby shelves slammed violently from one end to the other as though forcefully shoved by invisible hands.

Petry also felt the presence of the invisible malevolent ghost walk past him. This ghost may have been captured on videotape. Petry filmed the other psychic doing a tour through the house as she described the hauntings; a waviness in the air passed in front of her and was visible on the tape.

Webb exhibited a love-hate relationship with the ghosts, sometimes accommodating their activity and sometimes going into a fury against them, vowing to somehow shove them out. She was the owner of the house, not them. She once held a large party and invited some of the guests to stay overnight. Those who did were sorry, vowing never to return after being frightened by apparitions.

Webb researched the history of the house and discovered that previous owners had also done the same. She found records verifying some of the deaths associated with the house. She also found a previous owner, a woman, who had lived in the house and then sold it—but who was in a psychiatric ward being treated for the effects of living there. The woman told Webb of ghostly sexual molestation and warned her to sell the house while she was still alive.

Petry made plans to interview Webb on videotape and document her experiences. An English television network also was interested in bringing in a film crew. But before any of those activities took place, tragedy struck. Webb was killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center, as were all of her coworkers who attended her last party.

Webb is now a ghostly resident of the house, joining the other previous owners. Since 2001, the house has passed through several owners. Paranormal activity is believed to be a major reason for the frequent turnover. No investigations have been made since Webb owned the house. It is not known if any efforts have been undertaken to perform Spirit Releasement for the ghosts.

The area surrounding the house has a history of unusual paranormal activity. There are frequent reports of UFOs and also of hauntings. It is not known why the house traps the ghosts of its owners who die while owning the house. Various explanations have been advanced:

• There may be peculiar geophysical factors that facilitate this weird haunting. Fieldstone is associated with high levels of paranormal activity; it is said to retain psychic impressions.

• The house has its own Thoughtform personality. Such a thoughtform could arise from the input of the thoughts, emotions, and actions of its long line of occupants. Thus, the house takes on its own haunting presence in addition to that of its ghosts.

• The house sits on an interdimensional portal or vortex that enables a bizarre kind of haunting to occur.



The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits– Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – September 1, 2007