Gold-Finding Hen

Gold-Finding Hen : A magical hen that can find GOLD, according to Ritual instructions in a magical GRIMOIRE written in about 1740, The Black Pullet. The ritual tells how to hatch a magical hen by placing certain aromatic woods in a chafing dish mixed with oil and incense. The mixture is poured into a golden egg container and covered with a black cushion.

A chicken egg is placed on the cushion and covered with a bell glass made of faceted rock crystal. The egg is left in the sun and incantations are spoken over it. The egg disappears and a black pullet appears. The pullet can be commanded with certain magical words and will search out hidden gold and other treasures.

An alternate method of creating the magical bird is to find a black hen, pluck out any nonblack feathers, and then find an unspotted egg. Put a black hood over the hen, place it in a black box, deprived of all light, and set it to hatch the egg. Feed it only at night, and minimize disturbances. According to the grimoire, the bird’s imagination will be overwhelmed by the blackness and will hatch the perfect black pullet.

Another version of the ritual appeared in a later grimoire, Red Dragon, which involves the evocation of a Demon. Secure a black hen that has never mated, and do so without making the hen cackle. Take it to a crossroads at midnight and trace a magic circle around you with a cypress rod.

Say three times,

“Eloim, Essaim, frugativi et appellavi.”

After making ritual movements, a Demon will appear in a scarlet overcoat, a yellow vest, and pale green breeches. His head will be that of a dog, his ears those of an ass, his head will have two horns, and he will have the legs and hooves of a calf. The Demon will ask for your orders, which he must obey at all costs. You can direct the Demon to find treasures.


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The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley Copyright © 2006 by Visionary Living, Inc.

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