The Gospel According to Spiritism – Allan Kardec

The Gospel According to Spiritism - Allan KardecThe Gospel According to Spiritism by Allan Kardec relates the teachings of Jesus to Kardecist Spiritism, the moral and religious philosophy that Kardec had been publishing. It is intended to demonstrate that Spiritism clarifies and extends the most important teachings of Jesus. It is one of the five fundamental works of Kardecist Spiritism.The Gospel is a splendid book – elegantly written, radiant in its prose, and a source of charm for the speculative imagination.

The book celebrates Allan Kardec’s discovery of the Christian message through the poetic longings and devotional confessions of those who have already crossed the great river.

The author:Allan Kardec is the pseudonym of the French teacher and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (Lyon, October 3, 1804–Paris, March 31, 1869). He is known today as the systematizer of Spiritism for which he laid the foundation with the five books of the Spiritist Codification.

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The Gospel According to Spiritism - Allan Kardec

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