Grand Grimoire

Grand Grimoire This French grimoire was probably authored in the 17th or 18th century. The earliest edition of it bears no date or place of publication. One version of it claims to date to 1522. Its full title is The Grand Grimoire, with the Powerful Clavicle of Solomon and of Black Magic; or the Infernal Devices of the Great Agrippa for the Discovery of all Hidden Treasures and the Subjugation of every Denomination of Spirits, together with an Abridgment of all the Magical Arts. The editor, Venitiana del Rabina, said he translated the work from the writings of Solomon himself, which came into his possession. The Grand Grimoire is a text of black magic. It has the same chief Demons as the Grimorium Verum and nearly the same subordinate officers but describes different duties for them. The book is especially significant for its feature of a specific Pact between the magician and LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE, the prime minister of Lucifer, who makes his only appearance in all literature in this grimoire alone. However, his last name, Rofocale, may be an anagram of FOCALOR, a Demon named in the Lemegeton. The book also includes instructions for necromancy.

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