Ars Notoria – The Notary Art of Solomon

Ars Notoria – The Notary Art of SolomonOne of the lengthier grimoires of the medieval period, the Ars Notoria, commonly referred to as the Notary Art of Solomon, promises the reader a series of orations, prayers, and invocations, which may be used to secure the favour of the christian god, enhancing the memory, eloquence, and general academic capability of the one performing such rituals.

Originally its own text, based on even older sources not yet fully documented, this text is commonly wrapped up into the Lesser Keys of Solomon along with such works as the Ars Goetia- some editions of the latter omit this work. Prayers contained herein invoke not just the god of christianity, but Jesus Christ and various angelic powers as well.

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Ars Notoria - The Notary Art of Solomon

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