Odin was walking by the sea when he discovered the Nine Wave Sisters, daughters of Aegir and Ran, sleeping on the sand. They were so beautiful, he fell in love with them all. Somehow, in a miracle of spirit genetics, the Nine Sisters conceived one son, Heimdall, from their joint romantic encounter with Odin. (Another theory suggests that the Nine Sisters managed to conceive their one son entirely independently with no male assistance whatsoever.) They nourished their son with the magic of the sea, the wisdom of the Earth, and the strength of the sun so that he was gifted with second sight,the ability to travel between realms, and amazingly acute vision and hearing.

• He can see to the ends of the world.
• He can hear the grass grow.
• Heimdall is the epitome of vigilance: he requires no sleep.

Heimdall, son of the Nine Daughters of the Sea, is the Divine Watchman. He guards the Rainbow Bridge that connects and divides the realms of people and spirits. He guards against hostile Frost Giants. Heimdall’s own daughters are waves, too. Heimdall is destined to be the last to fall at Ragnarok, where he and Loki will destroy each other.

Also known as:

Rig; Rigr




Heimdall is a shape-shifter and can take many forms, most famously a man, ram, and bull seal. Heimdall has shining gold teeth.


Horn (to blow a warning, raise an alarm, and announce Ragnarok), sword


Horse Hall: Heimdall’s hall is called Himinbjorg, Sky Mountain.


The runes with which Heimdall is associated include Dagaz, Elhaz, Hagalaz, Manaz, and Kaunaz.

Sacred animals:

Ram, seal

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