Imaginary Friends – Ghost Story

There was this little girl named Jessie who kept talking to her mom about her two friends in the house. According to her, they were Virgina and Marry. As most children had imaginary friends, her mother didn't think much about it.

One day she was play with her imaginary friends when her mom came and politely told her that her imaginary friends had to go home as it was bed time. It was then that Jessie said, “But Mom, Marry is my only imaginary friend. Virgina is my real friend.”

Some time later, Jessie's grandfather passed away. Jessie's mother brought her back to her hometown to attend the funeral. While in her grandfather's house, Jessie stumbled upon a picture on the wall.

“Mom! Look! It's Virgina. Why is her picture here?” Jessie exclaimed.

Her mother looked at the picture and remembered Virgina. She was her cousin who died many, many years ago due to some illness. Virgina was only eight then. Jessie's mother then recalled the little conversation she had with Jessie several days earlier. Did Jessie really see Virgina? Was she at our home playing with Jessie all these while? 

By Laura of Maryland, USA 

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