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Khensu, Khons



Khonsu is described as Bastet’s son or as the son of Ammon and Mut or Sobek and Hathor. Spirit of the moon, when he causes the crescent moon to shine, women conceive. Moon-bathing helps the process (young women were once warned not to lie in the moonlight; apparently Khonsu may not need human male assistance). He possessed many sanctuaries throughout ancient Egypt but his principle shrine was in Thebes, where he had a temple within the precinct of the Temple of Ammon at Karnak.

Khonsu is also a master healer with dominion over time. He has some control over the length of the human life span. He is an ally, friend and companion of Thoth who also has association with the moon and time. Khonsu has a youthful, charming nature: he likes games and is portrayed playing the Egyptian board game senet with Thoth. Khonsu, like Thoth, likes to wager and may be persuaded to play with a devotee. You set the wager: before you start playing, tell him what you will give if you lose and what he must give if you win. If you can’t play senet, learn or teach him a new board game.

Khonsu is most frequently petitioned for fertility especially if no physical cause for infertility can be determined or when the woman is fertile but the male component needs some assistance. He also provides safe childbirth. The most ancient aspect of Khonsu was as a fierce warrior who inspires rage and serves Egypt’s pharaoh.


A young man wearing the royal sidelock and bearing the moon on his shoulders







See Also:

Ammon; Bastet; Chandra; Ha thor; Mut; Sobek; Thoth

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