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Lychnomancy is divination from the flames of three identical candles set in a triangle. It is a branch of Pyromancy.


Derived from the Greek lukhnos ('lamp') and manteia ('prophecy')


There are lighted and their flames are interpreted as follows: If their flames waver back and forth, expect a change of circumstance, if they twist or spiral, beware secret plots, if the flame rises and falls, danger lies ahead, if one flame is brighter than others, good fortune will come, and if a flame sputters, disappointment is coming. A bright point at the tip of a wick, increasing success, but short-lived if the point fades. For a candle to extinguish itself, severe loss or tragedy for the consultant or others involved in that particular divination.

I think that this is a very interesting way of seeing things.  I advise that you all try this, there is no danger other then setting the room on fire!


  • 3 candles
  • 3 identical candle holders – if possible.
  • A draftless room.

Place the 3 candles onto a floor where there is no draft from the door and windows.  Place them into a shape of a triangle and light each of them with the same match.  Turn off all other lights.

The candle flames can help you find answers and insight to things to come in the future.  Some of the clues are listed below:

  1. If one candle seems to burn more brightly than the other two it means success and good fortune for you.
  2. If the end of any of the three wicks displays a brightly shining point it is a lucky omen.
  3. If a flame moves from side to side it indicates that you will soon travel.
  4. If there are sparks rising from a candle you will need to be cautious.
  5. If the flame of one of the candles seems to twist and spiral it means that your enemies are plotting against you.
  6. If a flames rises and falls it suggests there is approaching danger.
  7. If one of the candles is extinguished suddenly and without good reason it is a prediction of disaster

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