Magical Attack

A magical attack is the use of Magic to harm or destroy a person. Magical attack is universal in Sorcery and the “dark arts.”

There are two types of magical attack. One is the longrange attack, in which a victim is made to destroy himself. For example, the magician may influence dreams, telepathically implant commands, make Poppets or Fetishes, or send familiars to cause a person to have a fatal accident. The magician casts the Spell in a Ritual in which he works himself up into a hateful state of rage. He may inflict pain on himself to intensify the Curse. In some cases, he may first engage in a fast in which he directs the energy of fasting toward the victim in a negative way.

The second is a short-range attack, often requiring proximity or physical contact, in which a victim’s energy is severely depleted. The latter is also called psychic attack or PSYCHIC VAMPIRISM. The magician sends out a powerful force from the solar plexus through his hands, eyes (see Evil Eye), voice, or breath. The force is sent into the body of the victim, where it disrupts physical and psychological health.

Magical attack can be difficult to counter; sometimes it is best to have another person who is magically skilled intercede. Fear and paranoia only make magical attacks worse. Retaliating with the same attack is risky, for if it backfires or is repulsed, it will return to the sender.

Magical LODGES sometimes engage in magical attack and warfare.

See also CROWLEY, ALEISTER; DEATH PRAYER; FORTUNE, DION; Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.


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