Magnolia Plantation – Derry

Magnolia Plantation

With a room known as “The Dying Room”, how could this place not be haunted? Allegedly, slaves placed voodoo curses all over the house, murders were a common occurrence, and Civil War soldiers are buried in shallow graves across the property. One particularly cruel overseer was tortured to death by slaves, and you can still sometimes see his face, twisted in agony, reflected in the window.

5549 Hwy 119, Derry, Louisiana 71416 USA


At its height, Magnolia Plantation spanned over 5,000 acres, making it one of the largest and busiest plantations in the area. Remnants of leg stocks and other torture methods remain on the property, alongside journal entries and historical documents that suggest the slaves of Magnolia were subject to extreme cruelty. Plantation workers reportedly traveled as far as Texas to retrieve escapees.

Today, many visitors of Magnolia experience a deep sense of foreboding—especially near the slave quarters, where disembodied voices and shadowy figures have been reported. SyFy’s Ghost Hunters even investigated the plantation, and recorded the sound of a young girl’s voice and another voice asking, “What are you doing?”