Also known as:

Neck; Nicor; Nykur



Nixes are the male counterpart of the female Nixies, sea spirits who may be generous or malicious as they choose. Nixes love music. They are brilliant musicians who teach musical skills and transmit musical talent to humans. They may be persuaded to do so in exchange for regular offerings. Nixes are unabashedly Pagan spirits who will not compromise with Christianity. They work with Pagans but may demand the renunciation of Christianity. (This has been interpreted as diabolical.) They love human women, too, and will attempt to seduce them.

Iron repels Nixes. An iron or steel knife placed in the bottom of a boat as an amulet provides safety from them while traveling over the water.


Skilled shape-shifters, Nixes appear as they like, manifesting as horses, mermen, or in the guise of human men. The guise varies. The Nix can resemble a small, cute boy; a handsome man; or a repulsively bloated drowned corpse with green teeth. The Nix has been witnessed in the form of an elderly man sitting on sea cliffs, wringing water from his long hair and beard. Alternatively, the Nix lingers waist-deep in water. He appears to be a very handsome man, but the parts of his body hidden beneath the water are those of a horse.

See Also:

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