Nu Kua

Nu Kua


Nu Wa; Nu Gua



Nu Kua, primordial female, was married to the primordial male, Fu Xi, but she was bored and lonely. To amuse herself, she crafted human-shaped dolls from Yellow River mud and breathed life into them. Those first humans regarded Nu Kua as their mother, and she took good care of them. However, the thought of spending eternity crafting endless people inspired her with more boredom. Nu Kua invented sexual intercourse so that people could reproduce all by themselves.

Nu Kua is central to the plot of the classic eighteenth century Chinese novel

A Dream of Red Mansions.

Nu Kua arranged the world so that it would be safe for people. She controlled floods and taught people the arts of irrigation and dam-building. When disaster struck and the sky was damaged, she smelted the sacred five-colored stones to repair the sky. She banished monsters, which were threatening the existence of humanity. She cut off the feet of the Great Tortoise and used them to support the four pillars of the universe lest they collapse. Nu Kua retired to the sky but will respond to petitions. She is invoked to provide personal fertility and has dominion over marital relations.


Nu Kua resembles a human female from the waist up. Below the waist she may be a dragon, snake, or snail. She is sometimes envisioned as a mermaid complete with fish tail.




  • Damballah;
  • Dragon Queens;
  • Fu Xi;
  • Khnum;
  • Mermaid


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