Oak Alley Plantation – Vacherie

Oak Alley Plantation - Vacherie
Oak Alley Plantation

This plantation has a whole list of suspected paranormal happenings, ranging from chairs furiously rocking in unison to candlesticks flying across the room — unseen hands even reach out to brush visitors. There are at least two ghosts in the house — one, a lady, is thought to be Mrs. Stewart, the last resident owner of the plantation, and the other is a mysterious man in grey boots.


Oak Alley Plantation, built in 1837, is famous for the grand oak tree canopy that leads to its front door. Lurking behind this stately facade, however, are dozens of paranormal reports.

Plantation staff freely admits to experiencing ghostly activity in the house and on the grounds. Encounters include run-ins with misty figures that simply vanish into thin air — and sightings of the ghost of Mrs. Stewart, the last caretaker to live at Oak Alley before her death in 1972. One particularly chilling report centers on four female staff members, who were shocked to see a figure matching Mrs. Stewart’s description looking down at them from her upstairs sitting room. No one waited to discover if the spirit was indeed Mrs. Stewart. Instead, all four women ran screaming from the house.