The Oneiroi are spirits of dreams. They live in a cave near the borders of Hades. They sleep during the day but emerge at night like a flock of bats bearing dreams. They must pass through one of two gates:

• The Gate of Horn is the source of sacred, shamanic, or prophetic dreams.

• The Gate of Ivory is the source of false illusions.

Morpheus is their leader. The other Oneiroi include his brothers Phantasos (“Phantasm”; “Apparition”) and Phobetor (“Frightening,” as in phobias). Phobetor has charge of nightmares. A fourth, Icelus, may or may not be identical to Phobetor.

Their parentage is subject to speculation (and version of myth):

• They may be the children of Gaia.

• They may be sons of Nyx and Erebus.

• They may be Nyx’s boys, no father required.

• They may be the sons of Hypnos, Lord of Sleep, and Pasithea, Goddess of Rest, Relaxation, and Hallucinations (she is one of the Charites).

The Oneiroi may be invoked when you need a specific dream or petitioned to stop a plague of nightmares. They may also be requested to interpret dreams or transmit them to others.


The Oneiroi are described as having black wings. Morpheus may take the form of a human being when he wishes to speak directly with someone (in dreams, visions, or otherwise).


  • Charites;
  • Gaia;
  • Hypnos, Morpheus;
  • Nyx


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