The Demon Onoskelis is a female Demon. In the Testament of Solomon, Onoskelis is summoned by Beelzebub to the presence of King Solomon, when the king asks whether there are any female Demons and says he wants to see one.

Onoskelis appears in the form of a beautiful woman with a fair complexion and the legs of a mule. She says she lives in caves, cliffs, and ravines and perverts men and strangles them. They think they will obtain gold through her, but she gives little to those who worship her. She travels by the full Moon and is associated with the constellation of Capricorn. She is thwarted by the name Yahweh (Holy One of Israel).

Solomon uses the name of Yahweh and his magical ring to bind Onoskelis in a standing position to work day and night spinning hemp for ropes used in the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem.


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