Testament of Solomon

The Testament of Solomon is a Greek text in the pseudepigrapha written between the first and third centuries C.E. It tells the story of how King Solomon built the Temple of Jerusalem by commanding Demons. The text is rich in Demonology, angelology, and lore about medicine, astrology, and magic.

The author probably was familiar with the Babylonian Talmud. The text says that stellar bodies are Demonic, wielding destructive power over the affairs of humanity. The 36 decans, or 10-degree portions of the zodiac, are called heavenly bodies and likewise are ruled by Demons, who cause mental and physical illnesses. There are seven “world rulers,” who are equated with the vices of deception, strife, fate, distress, error, power, and “the worst,” each of whom is thwarted by a particular angel (with the exception of “the worst”).
The testament provides a significant contribution to the legends of Solomon’s magical powers and the magical handbooks attributed to Solomon. It is not a grimoire of magical instruction, however.

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