Osogbo: Speaking to the Spirits of Misfortune – Ócha’ni Lele

Osogbo: Speaking to the Spirits of Misfortune –  Ócha’ni LeleOsogbo are the spirits of misfortune in the Santería and Lucumí faith, spirits who seem to be trying to bring us down. But rightly understood, these spirits do not stand against life and all that is good in the world but confront us with conditions that can strengthen us, motivate us, and bring great evolution to the world. As this book shows, without misfortune in our lives, we would never know blessings or what it means to be blessed. Osogbo seem to bring misfortune but if we follow the prescriptions of the orishas we can overcome the challenges and bring ourselves back to health and balance.

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Osogbo: Speaking to the Spirits of Misfortune -  Ócha'ni Lele

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Osogbo: Speaking to the Spirits of Misfortune –  Ócha’ni Lele
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