Other Aspects of Ainism

Ainists are also magickians, we study Ainic Draconian magick as well as Ainic vampirism. Our magick comes from within us and from within the aethyrs.

Ainic Draconian magick is a form of both Lesser and Greater magicks which use various methods to change the Aspirant into a greater being or dragon.

Ainic Vampirism incorperates a lot of the teachings of Ainic Draconian magick yet delves deeper into various states of being. The prime focuses of Ainic Vampiric study are in no order:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Immortality Mental control over others Lycanthropy Draining vital life force from others Zap magick or instant use magick Invisibility

Once one has mastered both forms of Ainic magick they will have an absolute grasp of the total Ain.

Magick is the main focal point of all in the O.A.D and of all whom are Ainists.

A lot of people have inquired about magick and magickal practice of the O.A.D however they believe magick is nothing more than a bunch of garbled nonsense. The reason most believe this is because of the level of mystical mumbo jumbo most associate with magickal workings.

Another reason most disregard magickal practice is due to the validity of most so called magickains proclaiming to have had contact with various godforms etc… Most who lay these claims are dabblers and are not really serious practioners of the magickal arts. Magick should closer resemble science than a bunch of kiddies lighting candles and saying a few words to conjure Satan to physical form. It’s because of these dabblers that most think magickal practice is linked to devil worship and the cult histeria had begun to begin with. Kids cutting the heads off of dogs and cats in the name of Satan, that is one of the magickal movements greatest enemies.

Real magickians do not harm animals or people in ritual!!! I’ve received over 200 e-mails in the past five years of kiddies proclaiming themselves high magickians and claiming to have spoken to Satan at length etc..etc..etc… If they are good for anything it is a good laugh! Another misconception i’ve noticed is people not knowing magickal laws or how magick works and asking for “Get rich quick” rituals, these again fall under the dabbler category. Ainists are not dabblers nor do we have time for them!

Other Aspects of Ainism by Rev. Frederick Nagash



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