Poltergeists – Hal Marcovitz

Poltergeists - Hal MarcovitzWritten for 9 – 12-year-olds, this is the story of ‘noisy ghosts.’ A poltergeist is a ghost that causes mischief — sometimes deadly trouble. Most of the acts seem to be of mindless violence in unexplainable noises, objects that fly through the room, fires started without a known cause.

Poltergeists are not recent phenomena; there’s one documented as early as 355 AD. However, most are not considered valid because the reporting was so casual. One interesting reporting was by Jacob Grimm, of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote about theirs in a book of German mythology. Many victims of poltergeists have used ministers or mediums to get the poltergeist to leave. Most often, they leave on their own, when they choose. Scientists studying the phenomena have little use for ministers or mediums, feeling there is no scientific proof that they work.

These phenomena have been studied for a long time but the recent technological advancements have made recording easier and more scientific. Be sure to read the “Did You Know?” sections sprinkled throughout the pages. They are fascinating clips of info about the subject. One mentions that poltergeists are attracted to adolescent girls and young women who are feeling particularly distressed or depressed.

I thought the book was well-researched and interesting. The cases highlighted were told in a matter-of-fact, not sensational, way. There are interesting chapters on hunting the poltergeists and “Some Simple and Some Not So Simple Explanations.”

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Poltergeists - Hal Marcovitz