The name Ratatosk means “swift teeth” or “gnawing teeth.” He is the divine squirrel who runs up and down Ygdrassil, the World Tree. He eats the bark and gnaws on the tree, absorbing all kinds of power, wisdom, and knowledge.

Ratatosk is a trickster and a gossip. He enjoys transmitting insults between the eagle at the top of the tree and the serpent Nidhog below. He has all the qualities of a squirrel taken to an exponential degree. Ratatosk is a messenger who travels between realms and dimensions. He has access to the entire Norse pantheon and probably beyond, too. As a squirrel, he is an independent practitioner who is not bound by classifications: Ratatosk communicates with Aesir, Vanir, Elves, Jotuns, and every other type of spirit. He can communicate with animal and plant spirits, too. Ratatosk may be petitioned to provide information and deliver petitions. Those who have a rapport with squirrels will know methods of communication.


Ratatosk is a spirit in the guise of a squirrel.


Nuts, water, fruit, and other food squirrels like, small shiny pretty things, images of squirrels

See Also:

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