Science and Parascience: A History of the Paranormal, 1914-1939 – Brian Inglis

Science and Parascience: A History of the Paranormal, 1914-1939 - Brian InglisScience and Parascience is a history of parapsychology (psychical research) and is a sequel to the author’s Natural and Supernatural, which covered the period up to 1914. This book brings the history up to 1939. Inglis says he “tried to present the evidence about, rather than for, paranormal phenomena, as it accumulated between 1914 and 1939”. He finds the evidence overwhelming, and in a Postscript deals with its lack of acceptance. In presenting the historical data, Inglis covers the phenomena of mediumship, spontaneous cases, and experimental investigations. British, Continental, and American research are all covered. Along with Sir Oliver Lodge, Inglis concludes that “psychical research had taken a wrong turning, in seeking academic recognition, if it meant losing contact with the general public; an understandable but disastrous error of strategy which vitiated much of the valuable research undertaken between the wars, and unfairly destroyed the reputations of some of the most dedicated researchers. If I have done nothing else, I hope I have done something to rehabilitate them, at least in the eyes of their successors”.

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Science and Parascience: A History of the Paranormal, 1914-1939 - Brian Inglis


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