(Semiaza, Semjaza, Shemhazi, Shamayza, Shemyaza)
A leader of the Fallen Angels, one of the SONS OF GOD, or Watchers, who cohabit with women. Semyaza probably means “meaning the name of Azza, or Uzza,” which in turn means “strength.” According to the Zohar, Semyaza cohabits with one of Eve’s daughters and produces two sons, Hiwa and Hiya, who eat every day 1,000 each of camels, horses, and oxen. As punishment for his sins, he hangs upside down in the constellation Orion, suspended between heaven and Earth.
In 1 Enoch, he is identified as the leader of the Watchers and is warned of their punishment by the archangel Michael.

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology – Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Copyright © 2009 by Visionary Living, Inc.