Sif is most famous in Norse myth as Thor’s wife. Her name literally means “wife.” She is the central figure in a myth in which Loki secretly severs her long blonde braids. As reparations, Loki gets dwarves to construct a golden headdress for her as well as treasures for the other deities. Items are crafted for Odin, Thor, and Freyr. Sif is the only female deity to receive a treasure and is the impetus for their creation.

Sif is no peripheral goddess but an extremely powerful spirit. Scholars speculate that she is ancient and may predate the Aesir in the region. Among Thor’s epithets is “Sif’s Husband”; she may once have been an highly significant goddess. Sif’s yellow hair is central to her myth. She may originally have been a grain goddess, her long flowing locks resembling fields of wheat. Sif’s hair is an old Norse kenning for gold. (A kenning is a traditional metaphor, riddle or circumlocution.) Sif is described as a prophetess and is the mother of Thor’s daughter, Thrud. She may also be Holler’s mother; his father, if there is one, is unknown.

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