Simbi Spirits

Simbi Spirits

The Simbi spirits are a family of Congolese water spirits. They are a large diverse family. Simbi is a Kikongo word; the plural form is Basimbi. Simbi, the powerful lwa, is the head of this family. Most known Simbis are male, but female Simbis exist, too. Among its members are:

• Gran Simba is Lady Simbi, matron of the Simbi family. She is the wife of Simbi and mother of their forty daughters. Gran Simba protects and saves those caught in perilous river currents and those who accidentally fall into swift-flowing waters.

• Simbi Andezo is the Kreyol spelling of the French Simbi en Deux Eaux or “Simbi in Two Waters.” He is a lord of freshwater, including rivers, streams, and water holes. There aredifferent ways of interpreting “two waters”: this Simbi may be a spirit of fresh and salt waters or a spirit of mangrove swamps where fresh and salt waters merge. The two waters may be the Water of Life and the Water of Oblivion or Death. Simbi Andezo is syncretized to Saint Andrew. Give him two kinds of liquids when you make offerings, not just one. In other words, give him water and whisky, salt water and freshwater, pond water and rainwater, and so forth.


Red and white or red and green (but two at a time)

• Simbi Anpaka is Herb Master Simbi, lwa of botanicals, leaves, poison, and medicinals.


White and green

• Simbi Dlo is the Kreyol spelling of the French Simbi de l’Eau, guardian of fresh water. He is a powerful ally if you seek assistance defending a source of freshwater. He is syncretized to Archangel Raphael.


Red and blue or green and blue

• Simbi Ganga is military Simbi, a commander in chief. He is a warrior and guardian spirit. Ganga derives from a Kikongo word variously interpreted as “chieftain” or “healer-priest.”


Red or red and blue

• Simbi La Flambeau (Also spelled La Flambo) is fiery Simbi. Most Simbi spirits belong to the Rada family of Vodou spirits, but Simbi La Flambeau belongs to the more volatile Petro family. He is the spirit of electrical fires. He controls the flow of kundalini energy through the body, envisioned as a snake coiled at the base of the spine. Regular Simbi is a master of folk or Earth magic, but Simbi La Flambeau is a magus and master ceremonial magician.


Rainwater collected during lightning storms, water from a source struck by lightning, snakeskins soaked in arak, rum. or other alcoholic beverage; Add hot sauce to his food; tie offerings with red ribbons.


Red SEE ALSO: Damballah La Flambeau.)

• Simbi Makaya is a great sorcerer and shaman, and among the spirits served by Haitian secret societies. Makaya is also the name given to a specific Vodou tradition. The historic Makaya was a powerful shaman and Haitian revolutionary leader who was extremely prominent and influential at the beginning of the revolution. Before the revolution, he was a leader of Haiti’s Maroons (escaped slaves), and he led them into battle. Makaya’s spiritual and political orientation was more traditionally African than that of the leaders who eventually seized power (like Toussaint L’Ouverture). His name is recalled in the Haitian mountain Pik Makaya and the national park Parc Macaya, which are what remain of Haiti’s once extensive rain forests. Plant trees and replenish forests in Haiti as offerings to him.


Black, green, and/or red


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