Damballah La Flambeau

Sometimes Damballah the world snake is not so calm and detached; sometimes the snake is fiery.

Damballah La Flambeau (“Damballah the Torch”) may or may not be an aspect of Damballah, the Petro path of a lwa usually associated with Rada rites. Damballah La Flambeau may or may not be the same spirit as Simbi La Flambeau.

Damballah La Flambeau is the fiery source of generative energy, the big bang that starts the world turning. Damballah La Flambeau is a magnificently powerful magician who can remove all curses and spells (as well as cast them). There is no illness that Damballah La Flambeau cannot heal.

Also known as:

Danballah La Flambo




Damballah La Flambeau is a great red snake.


Eggs dyed red; hibiscus juice

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