Sons of the Goddess : A Young Mens Guide to Wicca – Christopher Penczak

Sons of the Goddess : A Young Mens Guide to Wicca - Christopher PenczakWicca 101 for young men.

Wicca is a spiritual path open to all. Yet young men may have trouble identifying their place in this seemingly female-dominated religion. Without many male role models, how can one become empowered as a son of the Goddess?

Christopher Penczak, who learned about Witchcraft and magick in his late teens, offers guidance to all the young men out there who are curious about Wicca. This much-needed masculine perspective on the Craft discusses divine masculinity found in ancient myths, male energies, and rites of passage. Penczak also describes the fundamentals of Wicca, including the rule of three, the Wiccan Rede, spellcraft, rituals, holidays, and Witchcraft ethics.

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Sons of the Goddess : A Young Mens Guide to Wicca - Christopher Penczak


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