Stella Maris

Stella Maris

Star of the Sea

Stella Maris guards those who travel over the sea. She miraculously emerges when people are in trouble:

• She rises from the depths of the ocean.

• She hovers on a low cloud over the sea.

• She manifests on a rock amidst tempest-tossed waves.

The Stella Maris comforts those who are lost or frightened. She guides and protects sailors,mariners, and travelers. She prevents shipwrecks and drowning. For centuries, she has been the favourite goddess of sailors and frequent sea travelers.

Stella Maris guards against the literal dangers of sea travel, but she is also invoked to guide and protect travelers who navigate the stormy, tempestuous waters of life.

Exactly who is the Stella Maris? Good question. Stella Maris is not a name but an epithet belonging to various goddesses as well as the Virgin Mary. Stella Maris is Latin for “Star of the Sea,” but the same words are used as epithets for goddesses in many languages. Among those considered Stars of the Sea are Lady Asherah of the Sea, Isis, Kwan Yin, and Ma Zu.


Stella Maris refers to Marian images depicting a serene, beautiful woman dressed in blue and white either emerging from the sea, standing on a cloud that hovers over the sea, or mysteriously standing on a rock in the middle of a storm tossed sea. This image appears on chromolithographs, icons, religious medals, and on rosaries and statues. In addition to Mary, this same image is also used to represent Yemaya, Janaina, and La Sirène.


A crescent moon-shaped anchor on which she stands.




Blue, white, crystal clear, and the colors of the sea


Decorate her altar with seashells, vessels of salt water, and marine and nautical imagery.


  • Asherah
  • Black Madonna
  • Isis
  • Janaina
  • Kwan Yin
  • Ma Zu
  • Siréne, La
  • Yemaya

Stella Maris


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