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TELEKINESIS is the spontaneous movement of objects and people through the air without any physical intervention. These objects are either moved through paranormal means, like levitation by spirits or a poltergeist, or by thought or will power alone. If the movement is intentional, it is known as psychokinesis. Perhaps the most famous demonstration of deliberate telekinesis occurred in the 1970s when a young Israeli psychic called Uri Geller came to public attention for his ability to bend spoons and other metal objects using mind power alone.

One theory put forward to explain telekinesis is that the concentration of energy from a person’s mind somehow alters the energy structure of the object they are focusing on. When the mind’s stream of energy is released, the object reforms itself according to the energy patterns that have been sent. If the person has sent ‘bending’ the spoon bends, but if he or she sent ‘floating’ the spoon floats.

An alternative term used for telekinesis is teleportation, although the latter tends to imply the paranormal movement or materialization of objects across a distance whereas telekinesis tends to refer to the bending, reshaping and vibrating of objects through deliberate use of psi.


The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings: The Complete A–Z for the Entire Magical World: The Ultimate A-Z of Spirits, Mysteries and the Paranormal by Theresa Cheung

Telekinesis is the movement of objects without any apparent cause. The word is primarily used in reference to objects that move during séances performed by spiritual mediums. In such cases, the spirits of the dead are said to be responsible for the movement.

People who believe that the objects are actually being moved by the mind of the medium, rather than by the unseen hand of a spirit, use the term psychokinesis—defined as the movement of objects apparently by the mind alone—for this phenomenon rather than telekinesis.



The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Paranormal Phenomena – written by Patricia D. Netzley © 2006 Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

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