The Akashic Records – Ernesto Ortiz

The Akashic Records - Ernesto OrtizThe Akashic Records is equal parts practical and profound, the culmination of nearly two decades of immersion by Ernesto, personally and professionally, into the Akashic Records for individual healing, growth, and self-realization. This book provides a thorough map of the energetic territory you will be exploring and the many ways you can use the Akashic Records and the guidance of the masters and teachers.

By experiencing The Akashic Records you will:

  • Learn a sacred prayer that has the potential to change your life forever
  • Create a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lords of Akasha
  • Be able to heal past and present and move with ease, grace, and inspiration into your future
  • Learn how to mix the energy of the Akashic Records with any other modality to bring you to the next level of your potential
  • Learn an easy and powerful way of protection and how to always be connected to Source and Spirit

This definitive work provides all of the conceptual and practical information you need to truly understand what the Akashic Records are and, more importantly, to incorporate accessing your own Records into your lifestyle—for a lifetime!

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The Akashic Records - Ernesto Ortiz

Akashic Records


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