The Coming Science – Hereward Carrington

The Coming Science - Hereward CarringtonEven today, in the 21st century, much controversy rages over the existence of ‘psychic’ phenomena. This is a worthy and scholarly defence of establishing a Science of tomorrow, relating to all things ‘Psychic’.

“THIS book is intended to constitute a “primer of psychical research” — an Introduction to the subject, for those who have not as yet read extensively upon it. I have endeavored to make clear why it is that the study of this subject is so important, and why it may in truth be called “The Coming Science.” More and more, we are realizing that religion and spiritual ideals are losing their hold upon the public mind; that materialism is rapidly gaining ground — where it is not offset and, as it were, “antidoted” by the facts of psychical research. Here and here alone is to be found a true solution of these world-problems. Here and here alone is there any evidence of a future life, or of the higher spiritual powers of man.”

All religions are based upon the double idea of some all-seeing deity, and upon the persistence of consciousness or the ‘immortality of the soul.’ But of late grave doubts have arisen in every thinking man’s mind as to whether either or both of these facts are true; whether there is any such deity, or if the soul continues to exist after the destruction of the physical organism. The first of these problems would lead us too far astray, and we cannot now stop to consider it. We shall, therefore, concentrate our attention on the other problem, whether consciousness can and does persist after the death of the physical body; and if it be shown that it does so persist, then this problem will have been solved and one of the great stumbling blocks removed. If it can be shown that consciousness can persist apart from brain activity and a nervous system, then materialism will have been overthrown and another interpretation of the universe rendered possible.”

— Hereward Carrington

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The Coming Science - Hereward Carrington
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