Through the Gates of Death – Dion Fortune

Through the Gates of Death - Dion FortuneThe issue of death haunts most human beings, quite unnecessarily. It is widely thought that no one has ever returned from the dead to tell us what to expect, but this itself is a false leap into ignorance and doubt. We have repeatedly been given ample clues about death throughout the ages and this book by Dion Fortune is one of the best.

The author was a trained esotericist with practical experience in clinical psychology. She was able to use her clairevoyant skills to observe the withdrawal of the spiritual connection from the physical body at the time of death, and track it as it refocused its consciousness at more subtle, refined but very much alive levels of being.

She was also able to use her skills of past-life recall to remember having died, and been reborn, many, many times over thousands of years. She has poured the insight she gained from this research into this profound book, Through the Gates of Death.

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Through the Gates of Death - Dion Fortune