Tuskegee National Forest

If you were only judging it by its size, you might not think much of the Tuskegee National Forest. It is the smallest national forest in the United States and resides entirely in Macon County. And yet the stories that are told about Tuskegee rival anything you’ve heard about the darkest and wildest forests.

Legends, myths and tales abound about the goings-on in Tuskegee. Witnesses have reported hearing strange noises from deep within the forest, and others have claimed to see flickering lights floating through the trees, like the flames of torches caught in the wind.

If local legend is to be believed, these phenomena originate from a time not all that long ago, when a new fear of devil worship was sweeping the nation. Largely discredited now, during this period, many experts feared that the youth of America were under the sway of dangerous new cults, specifically those that bowed their knees to Satan. And according to those who frequent Tuskegee, the small forest just east of Montgomery was the heart of these happenings.

It is said that these satanic cults would meet in the heart of the forest to commune with their dark gods. Before long, law enforcement became involved, and members of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department conducted a raid of an old house deep within the woodlands. There they discovered the victims of horrific sacrifices. So incensed were they at what they saw that they burned the house to the ground, killing some of the cultists in the process. But they never did find the secret burial ground that was the devil worshipers’ most sacred site. To this day, if you go out in the forest on dark nights lit only by the full moon, you will see the spirits of those long dead, as they haunt the cursed forest where they lost their lives.

But it’s not just ghosts you are liable to encounter in the forests of Tuskegee. One of the most famous stories to emerge from the forest happened only a few years ago. A couple was driving through the woods when the woman who was driving glanced into the brush along the road. There, she thought she saw the figure of someone crouching down, watching as the cars passed by. It was when the thing locked eyes with her that she realized it was not human. The woman described the beast as having the basic shape of a man but covered in light-red hair from head to toe. For a long moment as the car crawled by, they looked at each other, before the figure took several big strides and disappeared into the forest. The woman almost wrecked her car while she was watching it move.

That’s right. Alabama has Bigfoot sightings too.



Haunted Alabama Black Belt written by David Higdon and Brett Talley – Copyright © 2013 by David Higdon and Brett Talley – All rights reserved