The Vampire Gate; the Vampyre Magician – Michael W. Ford

The Vampire Gate; the Vampyre Magician - Michael W. FordVampirism has for long been a fascination and desire sought by many. No doubt you have considered what it would be like to fly in the night, drain another of energy and live like a God or Goddess. If applied, this grimoire may help you. I strongly advise that you be of sound mind and to have begun a basic study or practice as defined in BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON, LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT and LIBER HVHI – Magick of the Adversary as these books will prepare you.

What others say about this book:

Psychic vampirism at its purest. As an outgrowth to a Luciferian path the object of this vampirism is to feed off of others to ensure our own rise to power and immortality. This is a left hand path which means that this path helps us become gods unto ourselves. It is Black Magick because we use the Magick to make ourselves greater.

This book contains several techniques for astral projection and leaving out of your body. This can be done in one three modalities. Dreaming, ritual and meditation. The leaving of the body then leads to taking on a form for your astral body. While astral planing you visit your target. Sometimes in terrible form you can terrorize your target and feed off their energy or you can have your tendrils penetrate their aura so you can feed.

You can feed off of people even if you don’t wish to astral travel. You can do it by focusing on a picture in or during meditation. Picture your tendrils going to them and feeding off their aura. Same thing can be done during ritual. Feeding can also happen in person, for example you see a charismatic person in a public setting you can extend your tendrils out to their solar plexus and feed.

This book primarily with near eastern deities like Lilith and Samael. It also works with Persian demons like Ahriman and Sumerian deities like Tiamat. Before embarking on this road perhaps you want to do some background research.

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The Vampire Gate; the Vampyre Magician - Michael W. Ford