The Waxworks – Ghost Story

In the 1850's in Sacramento USA, a waxworks exhibition opened to the public.The owner, Richard Turner, hoped that it would prove as popular as the Madam Tussaud exhibition was in London. He had bought six French waxworks of people awaiting execution during the French Revolution whos faces were particularly realistic because they had been made from moulds pressed from real victims after their deaths.

These figures made the exhibition an instant success! Each morning however one of the waxworks would always have moved to a different position and it's head was always removed from the body.

Mr Turner and the caretaker decided to spend the night in the exhibition to see what was happening to the waxwork, the first time they both fell asleep, but the next time they were horrified to see the figure move and fled in terror as it said COME HERE NO LONGER IN THE HOURS OF DARKNESS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.

A reporter from a local newspaper heard of the strange happenings and begged Mr Turner to let him spend the night in the hall, reluctantly Mr Turner agreed….

During the night the reporter did regret going to the hall as the model of Nicodeme Leopold-Lepide, who had during his life helped the rich to collect taxes from the poor, began to strangle the reporter with it's waxy fingers. Only when the caretaker rushed in did the reporters terror subside.

The waxwork figure, now standing headless by the door, was found to have damaged fingers… and Richard Turner took the decision to have it melted down. After that there were no more strange happenings at the exhibition.



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