Yaffla: A minister of the infernal king Albunalich. According to the Driscoll edition of the Sworn Book, Yaffia is associated with the element of earth from the direction of the north. When he manifests, he has a bright and beautiful complexion. In temperament, he is described as being hard-working and patient.

He can impart knowledge of the past and future, and he can affect the emotions of other people, inciting rancor and inspiring the baring of swords. He is one of the guardians of all the treasures hidden in the earth. If he considers someone unworthy, he will utterly frustrate them in their search for these buried treasures. For others, he can bestow gold and precious gems in abundance.

He also has the power to bring rain. Compare to the demon Yasfla in the Peterson edition of the Sworn Book.

Source : The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.