Armadiel : Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon.

Armadiel rules as a king in the northeast. His 15 chief dukes each have 1,260 servants, who are goodnatured but must be summoned at the appropriate hour.

Armadiel’s 15 major dukes are Nassar, Parabiel, Lariel, Calvamia, Orariel, Alferiel, Oryn, Samiet, Asmaiel, Jasziel, Pandiel, Carasiba, Asbibiel, Mafayr, and Oemiel.

Armadiel: A demon who rules as King of the Northeast, Armadiel is third in rank beneath the great infernal Emperor of the North, Demoriel. Many demons who hold a similar rank have scores of lesser dukes serving beneath them. Armadiel, however, has only fifteen chief dukes who carry out his wishes. Their names and sigils can be found alongside his in the Ars Theurgia. Armadiel can also be found in a list of demons from Trithemius’s Steganographia.

The Conjuration of Armadiel :