Can't Be Him – Ghost Story


16 July 1998

Story by Misbun

Re-written by Will Ong

Ali found himself woke up to a beatiful Saturday morning. As the exam was getting nearer, he decided he would spend the morning studying in the library. He got up and found his roomate Ahmad still sound asleep. The hostel was rather quiet, like most weekends.

Ali took a slow stroll down to the canteen for his breakfast before making his way to the library. He went to his favourite spot in the library and was determined to do what he was there for without much disturbances.

Just before Ali sat down, he noticed Ahmad was actually inside the library. He was only a few rolls of seats behind. As he could see Ahmad was rather busy with his own revision, Ali sat down without walking over to Ahmad. He just didn't want to disrupt Ahmad.

A few hours passed and Ali was too busy with his own work that he didn't really take note of the people around him. Then, at one point, his pen fell off the desk onto the ground. As he was bending down to pick up his pen, Ali noticed something strange behind him. He took another careful look and saw Ahmad, whom he knew all the while was sitting behind him. Nevertheless, the strange thing is that he had no legs.

“It could not be Ahmad! He was still sound asleep when I left the room,” thought Ali.

He slowly turned around to take another look at Ahmad. However, Ahmad is no longer there. He felt a sudden surge of coldness inside the quiet library and he began to feel afraid. He packed up his stuff in a hassle and left the library. When he reached the hostel, he saw Ahmad, still in his pyjamas, brushing his teeth inside the washroom. Ahmad denied having been to the library at all that morning.




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