Cemetery Terror – Ghost Story

My father is a butcher. He goes to the market early in the morning everyday to prepare the pork for sale. As he doesn't ride a bike, he would walk all the way from our house in Mount Erskine to the market nearby. He often takes a short cut through the cemetery which would get him there in a shorter time.

All the while, nothing unusual had ever happened except on two occasions. Both incidents happened on the morning of Chinese New Year's eve while my father was walking alone through the cemetery.

The first time was three years ago. It was still very early, probably about 5:30am when he left the house. The morning was exceptionally cold as it had rained the night before. As my father was approaching the cemetery, he saw a pile of stones in front. From that pile of stone, he saw blazing lights and soon, a shadowy figure emerged from there and flew into the air. He just ignored what he saw and sped past the cemetery to get to work.

Another incident happened exactly a year later. Although it was quite similar, this time, the figure appeared clearer and hence scarier. As my father was walking along the same path that cuts through the cemetery, he saw a flash of lights ahead. The flash of lights came towards him and went pass my father. As it went pass him, he saw a man moving along with it. However, the man had no legs.

By Joey Neoh of Penang, Malaysia



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