Craft Name

Craft name In Wicca, a name taken upon initiation that reflects one’s new identity as witch. A witch may keep a Craft name secret and use it only in meditation, or may disclose it only to members of the coven. Some witches choose to use their Craft names publicly, while others have both private and public Craft names. Some covens have strict rules against disclosing Craft names to outsiders.

During the witch hysteria, witch-hunters and inquisitors spread the notion that witches were given new names by the Devil after he had signed them to pacts and baptized them. In Wicca, Craft names have nothing to do with the Devil, who is neither recognized nor worshipped by witches.

Craft names are highly individualistic. They may reflect personal aspirations, ethnic heritage or an aspect of a deity with whom the Witch identifies. A Witch selects a Craft name through meditation, study or oracular divination. Some use trance to receive a name bestowed by the Goddess. Others are given names by their high priestess or high priest. Witches may change their Craft names as they advance from first degree to third degree, the levels of knowledge in major traditions, or as their sense of identity and purpose changes.



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